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  Fresh mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms
As for the truffles, Galeati Funghi e Tartufi can give the best seasonal fresh mushrooms to retailers, restaurants, private.
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Boletus Edulis (Porcino mushroom)
Boletus Edulis, commonly known as porcino is amongst the finest edible mushrooms and is undoubtebly the species most sought after. Galeati Funghi e Tartufi is one of the most important companies trading in fresh porcini mushrooms, not only at regional level but also nationally, thanks to the constant presence of Mr. Sergio Galeati who personally selects the products which best combine quality and price.
Fresh porcini are available in summer and autumn.
Cantharellus Cibarius (Galletto)
The Cantharellus Cibarius also known as Giallino Galletto or Finferli is much appreciated because it is suitable for all types of food preparation. After slow cooking it can be served alone, as an accompaniment to meat dishes, as an ingredient in omelettes or risotto or as a sauce for pasta dishes. The best period for finding this product is from late spring to autumn.
Morchella Esculenta (The morel)
The Morchella Esculenta commonly known as the morel is considered by some to be the queen of mushrooms. It is found from April to June. The intense flavour of the morel combines well with cream in the preparation of sauces and soups.
Amanita Caesarea ("Egg-like")
The egg-like Amanita Caesarea grows in summer and autumn under chestnut and oak trees in hot dry areas. It is commonly called “egg-like” because before it opens it resembles an egg in every way. It is a valued mushroom, not highly perfumed like porcini, but with an exceptional flavour and it is ideal eaten raw in salads.
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